TreatmentsYour session – tailored to your needs

 Whether you are seeking a gentle restorative massage, a full-on physical workout or something in-between, Michelle will take the time to discover exactly what it is you require.

She offers remedial, deep tissue and treatment massage along with oncology, relaxation and pregnancy massage and manual lymphatic drainage She can work with your body in any state of health.


Rejuvenation massage is for anyone who wants to float out of the clinic room. A range of reassuring and smooth strokes are designed to lift you from a state of tension or depletion to the pleasurable state of complete relaxation and peace. Rejuvenation work is as gentle or firm as you wish, always focusing on a soothing and restful experience. By placing yourself in the caring hands of another you are given the freedom to safely drift away.
Rejuvenation massage is suitable for pregnancy, prolonged stress, anxiety, illness and migraine recovery, sleep deprivation and depression.


Treatment massage adresses specific problem areas of the body. It aims to release muscular pain and stiffness through a combination of massage, movement and gentle stretching. This massage may include deep tissue work, myofascial and trigger point therapy. Deep tissue massage may provide a more intense experience but this will always be kept within your comfort levels.
Treatment massage can be very effective for relieving neck and back pain, hip and shoulder discomfort, headaches, jaw pain, and for alleviating general feelings of muscular heaviness and fatigue.


Holistic Pulsing is a delicious practice of gentle rhythmic body rocking. This creates a wave-like motion through your body which soothes and releases at the same time. The repetitive movement quietly encourages held muscles and joints to begin the process of letting go. Most people find this experience supportive and deeply relaxing.