TestamonialsWhat do people say …

“Michelle is a sensitive and intuitive masseuse whose work has changed my body for the better. She truly listens to what I’m saying and to what my body is saying. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Fenn

“After two years I’m still mystified as to how Michelle actually does it – how she can not only soothe and enrich the way I’m feeling but also enhance my confidence and sense of optimism. She seems to possess a blend of insight, instinct and skill that’s coupled with a deeply lived experience of how our bodies actually work – not just on a physical level but the associated emotional underpinnings and overlays. She of course might not make those distinctions – another reason she’s so damn good.” – Bruce

“I believe Michelle is a gifted therapist. Her presence is deeply listening and therapeutic in itself as is the light-filled environment she provides in her clinic space. Combining her highly developed palpation and technical skills for relaxing the body and mind, discerning areas of restriction and encouraging release of soft tissues and re-alignment of bones, Michelle offers a unique healing opportunity which I would unreservedly recommend, particularly for those with fragile health. My therapy session was perfection. In 13 years (to date 2014) of giving and receiving massage, it was the most beautiful massage therapy experience I’ve received so far. Much appreciated, thank you Michelle.”   – Josephine Anderson, Remedial Massage Therapist (reg’d MNZ since 2001)

“I have been fortunate for the past six years to experience the very professional care and attention Michelle offers as a massage therapist. Michelle has reduced my chronic pain to manageable levels which has enabled me to relax more and lead a fully functioning life. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her. “ – Alison

“Michelle is a massage practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of physiology and massage technique that she combines to give a treatment that is appropriate and healing. I am always amazed at her insight into what my body needs and how well she is able to offer that.” – Betty Jeanne

“Michelle is an exquisite healer. To experience the gentle and profound process of holistic pulsing through her warm presence, deep intuitive listening and curiosity is a joy, whatever is moved to be released. Michelle’s holding of the space, relationship and process is strong, soft and subtle. She is both a gift to the profession and to those she serves.” – Sally

“Michelle has ‘patched’ me up many times during my long, competitive running career. Competitive running sometimes places stresses on the body, which lead to injuries, and in this regard Michelle has been my first port of call when things have gone awry from time to time. Her expertise in not only being able to hone in on the site of an injury but also provide appropriate treatment is second-to-none. With this in mind, I have recommended her to many of the athletes I coach and without exception they have all benefitted immensely from her great knowledge and care. Simply put, she has worked wonders in getting runners back on track, who, but for her care, compassion and expertise may otherwise have been in danger of spending months on the sideline. I am most thankful for her expertise and she is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have ever had the good fortune to work with. Even if you aren’t injured and just need a nice, relaxing massage – always a treat from the stressors of the outside world – then Michelle’s rooms provide a calm oasis right in the centre of the city from which I guarantee you’ll come away feeling much lighter and more relaxed than you ever imagined possible.” – Steve